BREAKING: T.O.P’s Mother Speaks Out + Refutes Police Statement Of “Sleeping Heavily”

 BREAKING: T.O.P’s Mother Speaks Out + Refutes Police Statement Of “Sleeping Heavily”

T.O.P‘s mother has spoken out regarding his current medical condition.

On June 7th KST, the mother of the famous BIGBANG star asked the media to stop reporting false news. An unnamed police source released an earlier statement that said T.O.P was never unconscious and was only “sleeping heavily” and wasn’t in critical condition. As WTK reported earlier, however, we found no reason for this statement to be believed as the police would not have access to T.O.P’s personal medical files and wouldn’t be allowed to release it to the public even if they did.

However, both English and Korean news outlets immediately jumped on the news, spreading the rumors that he was fine and would just need to sleep off the medication. These rumors led to extreme criticism of T.O.P with netizens saying he had done it for sympathy or was faking the overdose altogether.

With the statement from T.O.P’s mother, the only one who can speak with authority on the current state of her son’s health, it seems like things are far different than what the unnamed “police source” wanted people to believe.

“My son is still unconscious and to read articles that say he’s “deep in sleep” is hurtful,” T.O.P’s mother stated, “Please edit and refrain from saying such things. We don’t know how things will turn out. My son is in critical condition. I see my son dying but I see reports saying he’s just sleeping. Isn’t that wrongful reporting?”

Once she made her statement, YG Entertainment finally gave an update as well and confirmed the truth of what T.O.P’s mother stated, ““When T.O.P’s mother saw the police quote, she was furious. T.O.P is currently wearing an oxygen mask and he is unconscious. Visitation rights are restricted and only close relatives are looking over him.”

Stay tuned for developing details! As is our policy at WTK, we will only report things from confirmed sources and never print rumors or statements from anonymous sources since it leads to rumors and misinformation. Whether you follow WTK or another media outlet, please endeavor to only share facts and not unconfirmed details that will prove harmful to T.O.P and his family.

We continue to pray for T.O.P’s full recovery and for his family as well during this stressful time.

Media: YG Entertainment

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