WATCH: Mnet Releases “Produce 101” Solo Cam Performances

 WATCH: Mnet Releases “Produce 101” Solo Cam Performances

“Produce 101: Season 2” is in full swing and the staff is nothing but glad to give fans more performance shots of their favorite members!

On June 6th, the Mnet Official YouTube channel dropped all of the solo “eye-contact” camera shots of every member from their recent concept evaluation performances!

These particular “fancam” type shots that each follow one member for the duration of the performance have become increasingly popular over the last year. Multiple music broadcast shows have been doing this to better expose artists’ performances. It’s also yet another way to reach out to international fans, as well as national ones, with a different view of what they’re used to seeing on broadcasts. “Produce 101” has been doing these solo cams since their first evaluation earlier in the season.

Brave Entertainment trainee Kim Samuel was just recently given the title “youngest singer to surpass 10 million views” when his “Get Ugly” performance solo cam hit over one million. In addition, his “Boy In Love” solo cam had also surpassed a million on YouTube, but the impressive combined total of his cams on Naver TV was what won him the title!

Despite only being posted a few hours ago, popular trainees Kang Daniel and Kim Samuel’s solo cams from their most recent performances have already passed the 200,000 mark, with Park Jihoon, Kim Jonghyun, and Lai Guanlin following closely behind in the 100,000 range.

Fans are already enjoying the solo focus cams and have been posting and commenting their support and love for their favorite trainees all over social media.

Check out the current most-viewed cams posted below!


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