UP10TION’s Wooshin To Go On Hiatus For Health Reasons

 UP10TION’s Wooshin To Go On Hiatus For Health Reasons

Sad news for UP10TION fans— member Wooshin has taken a hiatus for health purposes.

On June 6th, his agency released a statement to tell fans that he is currently not doing well due to mental stress. This seems to be an obvious result of the unfair criticism he received last year when a video appeared to show him accidentally touching Jeon Somi‘s chest during a broadcast. While this wasn’t true and the show said he never even touched her, netizens still used the opportunity to criticize and harm an innocent person as they always seem intent on doing. People even began calling him a “rapist” as a result and leaving hateful, mean comments about him everywhere. Despite threats from the company that they would take legal action against these anti-fans, comments continued.

Check out the company’s statement below:

“Hello. This is TOP Media.

“It has been decided that UP10TION’s Wooshin will be taking a rest from activities for the time being to take time to recharge, due to health issues.

“First of all, we apologize for conveying this sudden news to the fans who love UP10TION and Wooshin.

“Wooshin’s psychological condition has become very poor due to mental stress since the end of last year. After consultation with Wooshin and his fellow members, it was judged that Wooshin is is need of a break for a period of time in order to recover, and it was decided that he will be taking time to recharge for a while.

“We apologize once again to fans for causing concern, and we ask that you encourage and support Wooshin and UP10TION.

“Nine UP10TION members are currently preparing to release a new album at the end of June, and we will update fans again in the future about their comeback and future activities.

“Thank you.”

We hope that Wooshin has a full recovery and gets the rest and help he needs.

As always, WTK wants to make clear that we have a zero tolerance for bullying and hateful comments. We do not report false rumors or misleading titles, nor do we allow hateful comments from readers. It is past time for people  to stand up against cyber-bullying— no matter who it’s directed at!

Media: TOP Media
Translation: Soompi

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