BTS Members Share Future Goals, Desires, And More In Self-Written “2017 BTS FESTA” Profiles

 BTS Members Share Future Goals, Desires, And More In Self-Written “2017 BTS FESTA” Profiles

After having released heartwarming group photos, a second cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” and a special selfie-version performance of “Wings: Outro” at their concert in Sydney, Australia, BTS added to their 2017 BTS FESTA celebrations with some hilarious, yet equally touching, self-written profiles.

In the profiles, the members discuss what they think represents them as a group, as well as their goals and wishes for the future year together.

In 2015, BTS won their first “Daesang,” which is an award of the highest merit in Korean music. In addition, 2017 marked the year BTS made history by winning the Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist, opening new doors for themselves, as well as every Kpop group out there.

BTS even designed the “perfect visual,” an imaginary idol made up of all their “best” parts. We’re laughing at Jin‘s very wide shoulders and Jimin‘s abs, two traits that all fans appreciate!

Looking back at 2016, BTS members expressed gratitude concerning their experiences and promised a different, more ambitious future. Many of them hope that they finish their tour successfully this year and continue inspiring the world.

It looks like BTS members have enjoyed spending this much time together, making memories and being there for each other. Many of them have simple wishes: play video games, watch movies, and go on trips. We hope they are able to spend this next year together fulfilling all those wishes!

Lastly, the members chose songs that they believed represented BTS as a whole. Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, and V suggested “Fire.” Rap Monster also recalled their humble beginnings with “No More Dream,” and J-Hope stated that “Blood Sweat & Tears” accurately represented BTS’s hard work. Jimin declared their fight song, “Not Today,” as a symbol of the group’s will to keep pushing forward.

Jungkook went a little different and said his solo song “Begin” was a good way to summarize BTS. The lyrics consist of him thanking the other members for making him who he is today. These lines come to mind:

“The world was so big, I was so small
Now I can’t even imagine it
Now I can’t even imagine myself
who used to have no scent, who used to be empty.”

We are proud of how far BTS have come! From small beginnings to their upcoming anniversary, these past four years have been full of accomplishments and growth. We hope BTS is able to reach their goals for the next year and continue to shine like they do today!

We look forward to the next installments of 2017 BTS FESTA, until they become officially four years old on June 13th, 2017!

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Media: Big Hit Entertainment
Translation Credit: @ctrlbeat (Twitter)
Lyrics Credit: m01x3 (Color-Coded Lyrics)

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