“New Journey To The West 4” Builds Hype With Teaser Poster

 “New Journey To The West 4” Builds Hype With Teaser Poster

The new season of “New Journey To The West 4” is almost here!

On June 3rd, tvN revealed the poster for the new season of the popular show, a hilarious variety, travel series where the group embarks on an adventure to obtain dragon balls. The theme is, quite obviously, based on the “Dragon Ball” series. Following the plot of the manga, the cast is on a quest to complete missions during their travels in order to obtain dragon balls. Once they obtain all seven dragon balls, they are granted a wish from the producers.

Although the show has always traveled to China in the past, this season they are heading to Vietnam. The poster for the show says that this season will be an “apocalypse-like hell.” With this promise of trouble, fans of the show are already anticipating the antics and adventures of the cast.

Before, the cast had certain costumes or accessories they had to wear based on the roles they were given for the season. For hilarious examples, check out last season when WINNER‘s Song Mino had to dress as the female role of “Bulma,” complete with dresses and a pink wig. This season, the crew has added new characters to the team and the poster reveals which roles each cast member will take on this season. Kang Ho Dong is, Eun Ji Won of SECHSKIES is Sun Wukong, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun is Sha Wujing, and Ahn Jae Hyun is Xuanzang. The new characters added are Lee Soo Geun as Piccolo and Mino is Krillin.

The new show begins airing on June 13th KST!

If you haven’t watched previous seasons of this hilarious show, click HERE to start season three when Kyuhyun and Mino were added to the cast.

Media: tvN

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