HIGHLIGHT Announces Official Fandom Name

 HIGHLIGHT Announces Official Fandom Name

HIGHLIGHT‘s fans finally have an official name!

On June 2nd, Around Us Entertainment announced that they had decided on a name for their fans. After taking suggestions and listening to the opinions of fans, they have decided to go with the name “Light.”

In addition to the label’s statement, the members also held a V Live broadcast to announce the name. According to the announcement, the name was decided because of how their fans act like a light of hope and continuously shine on the group. Even though the members have been jokingly referring to their fandom as “Undetermined” before now, and although some fans were hoping for the name “Highlighters,” it seems like everyone is happy with the new, official name!

Congratulations, Light! Also, congratulations to HIGHLIGHT for holding their first successful concert on June 2nd!

What do you think of the new fandom name? Let us know in the comments below!

Media: Around Us Entertainment

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