Agency Updates Fans After LABOUM’s Solbin Taken To Emergency Room

 Agency Updates Fans After LABOUM’s Solbin Taken To Emergency Room

LABOUM‘s Solbin was taken to the emergency room after a recent performance.

On June 2nd KST, the girl group performed at the World Friends Music Festival. Before the show, the young singer complained of some stomach cramps, but after her performance the pain got more severe, forcing her to be taken to the emergency room in an ambulance. Her company, Global H Media, has since released a statement:

“Although it is said to be stomach pain, her exact condition has not yet been identified. She was having an exceptionally hard time after finishing their performance, but a more thorough examination must be conducted. We will do our best to ensure Solbin’s proper treatment.”

The agency later gave fans an update of sorts. Although they didn’t say what the problem turned out to be, they said she had received treatment and would be performing with the group at another event tomorrow:

“Solbin has received treatment and is currently in recovery. She’ll fully recover and go on stage at Dream Concert [on June 3rd]. We’ll make sure she will complete her schedule until the end. Solbin also wants to keep her schedule in order to keep the promise with her fans.”

We hope Solbin feels better soon and she can get some time to rest and recover fully!

Media: Global H Media

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