DAY6 Asks Fans To Vote On Official Fandom Name

 DAY6 Asks Fans To Vote On Official Fandom Name

DAY6 is asking their fans to decide on an official fandom name!

On June 1st, JYP Entertainment posted on the group’s website and explained that fans should vote and help the group decide on a fandom name. The choices are Daydreamer, Daylight, Holiday, My Day, and Sunday.

In the post, JYPE goes on to explain that Daydreamer represents the group and fans dreaming together through their music. Daylight means that the fans are a source of light and energy to the band. Holiday means that fans are a comfortable, restful haven for DAY6. My Day means that the fans fill up every day for the band, and Sunday means that the fans are like the sun to DAY6 and fill up every day with their light and energy.

Voting is open for all fans, regardless of location. You can participate by voting HERE.

Meanwhile, DAY6 is preparing to release their first studio album, entitled Sunrise 6, on June 7th.

What do you think is the best choice for DAY6 and their fandom? Let us know!

Media: JYP Entertainment

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