BIGBANG’s T.O.P Caught Smoking Marijuana + YG Entertainment Responds

 BIGBANG’s T.O.P Caught Smoking Marijuana + YG Entertainment Responds

It has been revealed that BIGBANG‘s T.O.P is being investigated for smoking marijuana.

On June 1st, the Korean news broke the story, sharing that the famous singer and actor had tested positive for marijuana after a hair test. Someone can smoke pot and the traces still remain in their hair for quite some time, allowing people to use the hair test to determine if you have smoked marijuana and if so, then how long ago. According to the police report, T.O.P smoked marijuana sometime in October.

The Police Narcotics Crime Unit stated, “We summoned T.O.P under suspicion of illegal activities related to drug use and conducted hair tests. These tests returned positive.” They went on to reveal that they had a tip in March, while T.O.P was at the police training center. They conducted the tests in April, and in the course of the investigation, they reportedly found out that T.O.P had smoked marijuana three times with a female trainee who has also tested positive.

Since the tip originally came in March and was confirmed in April, many people are wondering why the news was just now revealed. In addition, many are asking how this did not show up in his medical exam before enlistment.

As a result, YG Entertainment issued a statement, saying that T.O.P had admitted he had smoked marijuana before enlisting:

“Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

Firstly, we relay our deepest apologies. After speaking with T.O.P, we have confirmed that as reported, during his military service, he was summoned to be investigated for smoking marijuana before his enlistment. He has finished with all of the investigations diligently, and in the investigation process, he has admitted to most of the allegations and is reflecting deeply.

We are sorry once again for worrying many people.”

Meanwhile, T.O.P is currently serving as a police officer to fulfill his military obligations.

Media: YG Entertainment

*This article has been updated to reflect the most breaking news and confirmed facts.

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