UEE Leaves After School After Eight Years

 UEE Leaves After School After Eight Years

More changes for the world of girl groups in Kpop— UEE is leaving her group After School.

On May 31st, UEE uploaded a letter to her fans that explained her decision to leave. After debuting with the group eight years ago, she will finally be “graduating” and moving on to new activities.

After School has always had a graduation concept where members can move on and new recruits brought in in order to have a changing lineup. As one of the most popular members though, as well as the one who has been with the group the longest, After School will definitely be much different without her.

UEE’s contract with Pledis Entertainment ends very soon, so she will also be leaving the company as well. In the letter to fans, she references her career changing as well, making fans expect more acting projects from her in the future instead of a singing career.

We wish UEE and the other After School members the best of luck as they go their separate paths!

Media: Pledis Entertainment

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