SM X Mystic Music Variety “Snowball Project” Underway + Yoon Jong Shin & Henry To Participate

 SM X Mystic Music Variety “Snowball Project” Underway + Yoon Jong Shin & Henry To Participate

On May 31st KST, the program name for SM Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment‘s collaboration project was revealed. The music variety show will be called “Snowball Project,” representing something that starts off small and builds upon itself.

The premise of the show is to form musical collaborations with artists from the two companies. The first team will consist of Mystic’s Parc Jae Jung, a former contestant on “Superstar K5,”  and NCT‘s Mark.  The new variety show came about thanks to Parc Jae Jung, a big fan of Mark.

The show is to be led by Mystic’s PD Yeo Woon Hyuk, who helped launch JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers,” and SM’s PD Lee Ye Ji, who worked on KBS’s “Hello Counselor.”  The show will have Yoon Jong Shin and Super Junior-M member and soloist Henry Lau joining as producers. Many are curious what kind of musical effect Henry will have on Parc Jae Jung and Mark.

Yoon Jong Shin, the representative producer for Mystic, is also raising expectations with his participation. He is considered a high level producer in South Korea with skills as a lyricist and composer, as well as talents in musical accompaniment. He decided to participate without hesitation not only because it was a project that started from the desire of his artist Parc Jae Jung, but also his strong affection for junior SM artists.

Yoon Jong Shin lastly noted,  “Please look forward  to how the completely opposite musical colors of the two companies come together in collaboration.”

It was also recently revealed that SM Entertainment purchased 28% of stocks from Mystic Entertainment, making SM Entertainment the largest shareholder. “Snowball Project” is sure to be just the first of many collaborations between SM Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment.

Those who are looking forward to the show don’t need to wait long. The first broadcast for “Snowball Project” is set to air in July.

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