New Photos Released From Kim Soo Hyun’s Upcoming Movie “Real”

 New Photos Released From Kim Soo Hyun’s Upcoming Movie “Real”

Following the release of the trailer one week ago, new teaser photos have now been revealed for the upcoming film “Real,” starring Kim Soo Hyun. In the film, the famous actor will be portraying two different roles with the same name: Jang Tae Young.  One is said to be a gang leader whose dream is to build his own casino, while the other is a mysterious business man who wants to invest a lot of money. It seems there is a hidden link between the connection of these roles.

The action-packed film “Real” includes Song Dong Il, who will be playing the bad guy, Lee Sung Min, who will poison the main character’s mind, Sulli, who is in charge of Jang Tae Young’s treatment, and Jo Woo Jin, who will do anything in the name of money.

“Real” will be showing this June. Are you excited for this film? Let us know in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, check out additional pictures below!

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