BTS Talks U.S. Advancement During Post-Billboard Press Conference

 BTS Talks U.S. Advancement During Post-Billboard Press Conference

On May 29th, BTS held a press conference with various Korean outlets to discuss their recent win at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

The members began the press conference by thanking their fans for being the driving force behind their “Top Social Artist” win.

Due to the hot response BTS received in the U.S., many are curious if they have plans of breaking into the U.S. market. Rap Monster stated that while they felt very thankful and lucky for the positive reaction they received in the U.S., as Korean singers, they express themselves best through Korean rapping and singing. This, however, does not mean the group is not open to collaborations with Western artists. The press conference moderator then asked about their meeting with The Chainsmokers and Halsey and if there were any collaborations in the works. Though nothing was confirmed, it seems fans can look forward to something happening in the future. On the topic of artists they interacted with, V mentioned Celine Dion invited them to her show but they were unfortunately unable to attend due to other schedules.

When asked the reason behind their success, Jin noted they believe the answer lies in songs that convey their stories, their powerful choreography, how they worked their way up from the bottom, and their teamwork. Suga added a funny anecdote of when he went to the restroom and how fellow member Jungkook was able to identify him simply by the sound of his breathing.

The members were also asked about this year’s “BTS Festa.” They expressed that they prepared happily and that fans can look forward to upcoming contents that they’ll be revealing through this year’s Festa. Looking at the schedule, it seems like fans are in for a radio segment, special choreography, and covers to name a few. Who else is excited?

Check out the Billboard press conference and “2017 BTS Festa” schedule below!

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