WATCH: APRIL Is Back With Double Title Tracks “MAYDAY” And “Lovesick”

 WATCH: APRIL Is Back With Double Title Tracks “MAYDAY” And “Lovesick”

APRIL is finally back!

On May 29th KST, the girl group made their comeback with their new album Mayday. The new album has two title tracks, both of which were made into MVs. “Lovesick” is a more typical song for APRIL, showing off their famous feminine sound and girlish charms. “MAYDAY,” however, gives fans a new sound and look from the girls. The track just very well may be their best one ever!

The retro-inspired outfits are a very welcome change from the typical girl group outfits, the song and dance moves provide catchy points that are easy to sing and dance to, and the vintage vibe of the set is also a great aesthetic choice. Overall, the concept is fun, unique, and a breath of fresh air in an industry saturated with sweet, fluttery outfits and girlish vocals that attempt to express the purity and youth of young girls.

Check out the videos below! What do you think?

Media: DSP Media

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