Ever Heard Of K-Rock? 10 K-Bands You Need To Know

 Ever Heard Of K-Rock? 10 K-Bands You Need To Know

If you’re anything like me, you love Kpop and its fun styles, dancing, and talented entertainers and artists. However, your music tastes goes beyond that and into metal and many other rock genres. You might also miss AOA‘s band unit and the Wonder Girls. Fear not, Writer Paradoxicalsuds has got you covered!

We all know about FTISLAND, CNBLUE, Day6, and AKMU, but there are other great Korean bands that do hard rock, indie, and more! Check it out in our list of 10 amazing bands you should know.


1- Diablo Though not active on their YouTube channel at the moment, Diablo has the metal visuals and the intricate guitar and drum play that metal heads love. Their style is quick-with-licks and rebellious artistry.

2- Noeazy This band is no doubt hardcore, and they don’t mind adding either humor or guitar tricks into their music. Their mosh-loving style is really something every metal head craves.


Punk Rock

3- No Brain Everyone loves a bad boy, but there’s more to these guys than leather jackets and eyeliner. Known as the “Korean Green Day,” No Brain is a fun, in-your-face-nonsense punk band with clever wit and hilarious antics.

4- The Strikers This amazing band mixes the classic 90s punk sound with a tattoo-loving aesthetic. Their fun style gives punk a deliciously devious feel.

 Hard Rock

5- Bursters Screams and scenes, Bursters is a powerful rock band with a visually stimulating sound. Headbang and swing to their music! They’ll be your guides to rocking out and ripping complex guitar solos.

6- Symphony of the Rock Youth? Who needs it when you have a rock voice equivalent to Robert Plant? Symphony of the Rock brings classic rock back into the 21st century. Not only do they have a classic 70s hard rock tone, but they also give off a haunting atmosphere.

Pop Rock

7- Drug Restaurant Musician Jung Joon Young is no stranger to Korean entertainment. With his third place win on “Superstar K4,” he decided to rebel against the mainstream and start his own band: The JJY Band, now known as Drug Restaurant. Their style is smooth and thought-provoking, with a bit of sarcastic edge.

8- EVE No stranger to the industry, EVE has been around for quite some time. With a bit of Japanese influence, their style takes on epic moods with a bit of emotional power in their songs. Check out this song which features a fellow rock music lover, Kim Heechul of Super Junior.

Girl Bands

9- Wax This is a great band that keeps their feminine sexiness while expressing an ambient rock-pop genre that speaks to their fans. Their style makes their fans not only reflective but also bob their heads to the melodies.

10- Sweet Revenge Cute, clever, and carefree— Sweet Revenge is full of fun and class! The girls’ sweet-breeze style is perfect for a summer day’s drive through the countryside or anytime you need to relax.


Korean music has a lot to offer beyond Kpop, so we hope you will check out some of these great bands! Hopefully, you will find some new favorites on this list!

Did we miss any bands you love? Let us know in the comments below!

Kim (Paradoxicalsuds) is a writer for What the Kpop and has been a devoted K-Pop fan for almost ten years. An avid SNSD, GOT7, FTIsland, and AOA fan, Kim has been in love with K-Pop since the original debut of TVXQ. While she watches new MVs or K-Dramas on her laptop, Kim enjoys tea, begging for affection from her cat, making jewelry, and writing fiction. 

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