Jo In Sung Teases Song Joong Ki For “Disappointing” Him

 Jo In Sung Teases Song Joong Ki For “Disappointing” Him

Actor Jo In Sung is well-known for teasing his friends, and it seems that even mega-star Song Joong Ki is no exception to the rule!

On the May 25th episode of “Happy Together,” Jo In Sung made a rare variety show appearance as a guest. When talking with the hosts, he was asked about his famous circle of friends that includes Lee Kwangsoo, Song Joong Ki, and many more. Jo In Sung then referred to Song Joong Ki’s now-famous speech at the KBS Drama Awards when he and Song Hye Kyo won the Grand Prize award of the evening. The handsome actor tearfully thanked everyone from the director to friends who had encouraged him and taught him a lot about acting. “When he made his speech, he didn’t mention me,” Jo In Sung observed cheekily as he brought about laughter from the hosts, “I guess he wasn’t thankful to me.”

He later went on to say seriously that he was so proud of Joong Ki’s success and had even gave him a trip to Thailand as a gift when he got out of the military, proving how close the two really are.

Don’t you just love Jo In Sung’s dry sense of humor? Did you watch the new episode of “Happy Together”? Let us know in the comment section below!

Media: Harper’s Bazaar

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