B1A4 Announces Comeback Plans For This Year

 B1A4 Announces Comeback Plans For This Year

B1A4, who celebrated their 6th debut anniversary this past April, announced they will be making a comeback this year!

On May 26th, it was revealed through an interview with 10+Star Magazine that B1A4 is planning a comeback this year.  The interview, which included a pictorial, was to celebrate the group’s 6th debut anniversary. 

Jinyoung noted, “It feels like just yesterday I debuted, but time goes by quickly. As I accumulate more experience, I want to work harder and do well.” Gongchan shared, “I’m most thankful to the fans that have been with us for six years,” then added, “I want to spend more time with the fans.”

B1A4 not only promotes as idols, but in various other fields as well. Baro, who recently starred in the web movie “Eyes Closed” and CNU, who was in musical “Hamlet,” shared their hope “that society will have an atmosphere in which the public is interested in various cultural contents.”

The group added, “It’s already been six years. We are so thankful that you’ve been with us these past six years. We will work harder to bring you happiness and become your source of strength. We truly and sincerely love you.”

The group also openly showed their affection for one another by stating they consider each other “family.”

It’s exciting to have a B1A4 comeback to look forward to!

Check out a few pictures from the interview below!

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Media: 10+Star Magazine

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