WATCH: A.C.E Drops Unique Debut MV For “Cactus”

 WATCH: A.C.E Drops Unique Debut MV For “Cactus”

A.C.E is finally here with their debut music video for “Cactus” which dropped on May 23rd!

The new five-member boy band under Beat Interactive is here to show off their unique and strong style! The song “Cactus” definitely shows off a different sound than what most Kpop fans are used to hearing. Its strong, quick bass beats, and lighthearted-but-rushed techno tones give the song a style similar to Jumpstyle techno— a style popular in Europe in the 1990s and early 2000s. It especially has that Jumpstyle feeling when the bass drum beat hits harder after each chorus.

The choreography for “Cactus” seems detailed, stylish, and unforgiving, showing that these rookies are not here to play around.

Before their debut, A.C.E had been promoting on the internet and on the streets with impressive covers of songs by popular artists such as BLACKPINK and BTS. One of the members, Jason, was in the same group as iKON‘s Ju-Ne on the program K-pop Star back in 2011!

A.C.E are also releasing a limited edition single album of the same name, Cactus.

Check them out, then let us know what you think of the band and their unique style in the comment section below!

CaptainMal has been into Korean Entertainment for seven years now, since 2010. She travels to conventions in her area, showcasing her “Kpop Game Show’” and occasional Kpop cosplay. Although her favorite bands are Infinite, Super Junior, and VIXX, she boasts a love for a huge variety of artists throughout the last 15 years of Kpop. Other than Kpop, CaptainMal loves Disney, 80’s rock, Daft Punk, Gaming, and Orange Juice.

Media: Beat Interactive

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