Jin Trends On Twitter As “Third One From The Left” + Fans’ Hilarious Reactions

 Jin Trends On Twitter As “Third One From The Left” + Fans’ Hilarious Reactions

After their appearance at the BBMAs, BTS is attracting even more attention than usual. But perhaps no member is attracting as much attention as the group’s visual, Jin.

After he appeared on the red carpet and was photographed standing together, everyone (and we mean everyone) took to Twitter to ask who the gorgeous guy was standing third from the left. It was such a popular phrase that it became a trending topic:

The requests to know were genuine, and ARMY were quick to educate curious viewers about the handsome Jin. But as the trend grew, Kpop fans did what Kpop fans do best— took it to the extreme! They soon remembered that Jin had another red carpet nickname given to him before. Back at the MMAs in 2015, he was photographed looking flawless as he exited his vehicle, leading the viewers to dub him the “car door guy” as they searched for his identity online. It didn’t take long for ARMY to start making the comparisons:

But perhaps the best Tweet of the evening came from one user who couldn’t help but imagine what the Car Door Version of Jin would say to the Third One from the Left Jin: UPDATE: In a recent interview, Jin was told about the trend “third guy from the left.” His hilarious response? In English, he told the interviewer, “I think I’m worldwide handsome.” Check it out below.

Regardless of which BTS member you prefer (or even which Jin version you prefer too), it was plain to see that BTS made a huge impression on America— not only on the red carpet, but in interviews and onstage as well!

Congratulations again to BTS!

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