9 Best Moments From 9 Years With SHINee

 9 Best Moments From 9 Years With SHINee

May 22nd, 2017 is SHINee‘s ninth anniversary since their debut album was released! It’s hard to believe, but these amazing boys debuted almost a decade ago, and they haven’t ceased to slay since then!

SHINee was first introduced by SM Entertainment as a group that would become trend setters in multiple areas such as music, dance, and fashion, and we can safely say that these five fabulous guys have certainly been successful in all these areas!

To celebrate the past nine years with this super talented group, check out these nine amazing, hysterical, and precious moments with SHINee!

1- SHINee’s Debut MV – “Replay”

In 2008, SM’s newest boy band was born! While many songs have come and gone, perhaps none hold such a soft spot in the hearts of fans as “Replay.” This was the song that would gain them many fans and begin their reputation as “noona-killers.” Jonghyun was already showing off those great vocals and young Key was absolutely flawless! Hearts melting in 3…2…1…


2- SHINee’s First Win – “Love Like Oxygen”

A few months after their debut, SHINee would go on to release their first studio album. With the title track of this album, entitled The SHINee World, these sweet rookies would go on to win their first ever music award. They took the win over senior group F.T. Island and couldn’t hold back their shocked tears. The album also went on to win Newcomer Album of the Year at the prestigious Golden Disk Awards that same year.

3- Sweet Mornings On “Hello Baby”

Fans only thought they couldn’t love SHINee more until this adorable show aired. As one of the most successful seasons of “Hello Baby” ever, the program was filled with one precious moment after another. All the members fell in love with little Yoogeun, but baby Yoogeun fell in love with “Minho Appa” most of all. Check out these sweet morning kisses and hugs! That’s one lucky baby!


4- Jonghyun’s First Win As A Songwriter

This list wouldn’t be complete without a lot of videos of Jonghyun crying! In one of the most precious videos on the list though, Jonghyun got totally overwhelmed when SHINee won on a music show with a song that he wrote. Still a rookie artist, this had to be a surreal moment. Senior group Super Junior might have lost out to SHINee that day, but they were so genuinely proud of him and tried to comfort him when he couldn’t stop his tears.

5- Minho’s Epic “Dibidibidis” Rap 

SHINee is known for being hilarious, and they never stop laughing at themselves either. They constantly throw their image to the wind in favor of having a good time. As a very young rookie, Minho delivered a less-than-stellar rap that still haunts him to this day— although it continues to provide fans with lots of laughter! However, the best moment came years later when he good-naturedly made fun of himself on SNL by reenacting his famous lines.

6- SHINee Finally Wins “Artist of the Year”

In 2013, SHINee was finally able to take home their first “Artist of the Year” award at the Melon Music Awards. Almost six years after debuting, they won the most coveted award out there. Once more, they couldn’t hold back their tears, but this time Key and Jonghyun weren’t the only ones crying! All the members, including the stoic Taemin, got choked up and ended their time onstage in one big group hug.


7- SHINee’s Crazy Antics Ft. Jonghyun and Minho

After all these teary moments, we need a distraction! That’s why one of my personal favorite SHINee moments has to be included. Key, Minho, and Taemin are laughing as they remember a lame, old commercial they filmed. Suddenly, Jonghyun suddenly in the door and doesn’t miss a beat as he joins in. However, he slips on the floor and falls, leading the video to be filled with Minho’s hysterical, contagious laughter. Typical hilarious SHINee moment!

8- SHINee’s First Tokyo Dome Concert

What can we say? SHINee cries a lot! They’re a sensitive group, and can’t hold back the tears on many occasions. Cue this Tokyo Dome moment when they saw fans’ massive project of using signs to spell out “WE LOVE SHINEE” across the crowd of almost 50,000 people! Key, of course, can’t control his emotions, and as Jonghyun hugs him, he loses it too. More hugs, more tears, more preciousness.

9- SHINee’s Continued Slayage

SHINee continues to slay every moment of their career. At the end of 2016, the group held their most recent Korean comeback with “Tell Me What To Do.” Although the song was slower than normal and we didn’t see their amazing dance skills for which they became so famous, Kpop fans were able to see that SHINee isn’t just a dance group but a vocal one as well. Since then, they have gone on to hold another successful world tour and release a new Japanese album. In addition, they are preparing for their comeback later this fall.

BONUS: “Ring Ding Dong”

At the height of the Korean Wave, SHINee solidified their status as Hallyu stars with the release of their hit song “Ring Ding Dong” in 2009. With just enough English to easily sing along to, fun dance moves that had the entire nation riding a wave, and a cool video that incorporated water into the choreography, it should come as no surprise that this was SHINee’s first major hit. Years later, it’s still a favorite of Kpop fans everywhere.

Whether you’re a new fan or an experienced SHAWOL, there is no doubt we can all agree that these five amazing and talented guys deserve many more years of continued success and happiness! And if they continue to bring us all joy and laughter along the way, then all the better!

Congratulations to our shining SHINee!

lee1086 is the co-founder and director of What The Kpop. She is multi-fandom and happens to adore SHINee. She has been their fan for six years now and couldn’t be prouder if they were her own children. Her ultimate SHINee bias is Key…. no, Taemin. No… wait. Key. Nope, definitely Taemin. Actually…. well, she can leave that decision for another day! She is a huge fan of Super Junior’s Donghae and EXO’s Kai. In other words, she is total SM trash.

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