Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” Hits Over 75 Million Views On YouTube

 Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” Hits Over 75 Million Views On YouTube

As of May 21st, Super Junior‘s hit song “Sorry Sorry” has reached over 75 million views on YouTube!

The song was released back in 2009 and became the very first Kpop song to go viral in Asia. The catchy beat, mixed with a fun dance from the choreographer working with Justin Timberlake and Usher at the time, made for a viral video that Asia just couldn’t get enough of. In turn, the success of this one song opened up huge doors for other Kpop artists as well and ushered in the era of the Korean Wave in full force across all of Asia.

Within days of its release, the song and dance were being covered by people around the globe— from young fans in Europe to an entire male prison in the Philippines. The success of the song launched Super Junior into true Hallyu star status and solidified their name as the Kings of Kpop.

Today, it’s not unheard of to reach this number of views quite quickly with newer, trending groups, but when this song was released eight years ago, reaching millions of views on a Kpop video was something only the best of the best achieved. Even today, the song has become a staple in modern pop music, with young idols still covering the dance today. Groups such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, EXO, and even SNSD have all covered the song.

If you haven’t watched this classic video before, check it out below! Congratulations, Super Junior!


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