WATCH: GOT7 Brings Laughter With Blindfolded “Never Ever” Dance

 WATCH: GOT7 Brings Laughter With Blindfolded “Never Ever” Dance

GOT7 never fails to entertain their fans!

On the May 19th episode of “Real GOT7: Season 4,” the boys played a series of games and had fun as they attempted to avoid punishments for losing. for one punishment, the members were forced to dance their hit song “Never Ever” in double speed— surprising no one when they were able to pull it off flawlessly! GOT7’s double speed dance skills have been on display many times before in shows like “Weekly Idol” and more.

The real highlight of the episode came though when they had to attempt to dance blindfolded. The result was hilarious as Jackson kept struggling to find his spot and kept disappearing off camera. The rest of the members looked funny as well as they were extra cautious in their dance steps in an attempt not to bump into each other.

Check out the funny episode below! Did this funny JYP Entertainment group having you laughing during their hilarious antics?

Media: V Live

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