Trainee Kim Taemin Leaves “Produce 101” Due To Health Reasons

 Trainee Kim Taemin Leaves “Produce 101” Due To Health Reasons

Hanahreum Company‘s trainee Kim Taemin has withdrawn from Mnet‘s “Produce 101: Season 2” due to health reasons.

His agency stated to the media that they had unfortunate news about Taemin: “Kim Taemin was suddenly taken to the hospital last week due to abdominal pain, only to find that he has enterostenosis, and that surgery is inevitable.”

Enterostenosis refers to the thinning of the lumen (inside) of the intestines, which makes it difficult for nutrition to flow through.

The agency further concluded, “It would be difficult for Kim Taemin to continue appearing on ‘Produce 101: Season 2’ and has decided he should leave the program after much discussion with the producers. As expected, Kim Taemin, who had a lot of passion, is disappointed by the situation, and will work hard to quickly return to good health and return with a bettered self.”

They also added their personal apologies to the fans who were looking forward to seeing Kim Taemin in future episodes and promised to do their best to help Kim Taemin quickly recover and return in better health, so as to continue with his passion in front of everyone.

Kim Taemin had already become popular among fans due to his cheeky, upbeat behavior and musical talent. His “What’s In The Box” introductory video had gathered lots of talk due to his hilarious screaming and flapping around actions that just made you laugh.

We hope for his quick and thorough recovery!

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Media: Mnet

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