ABC Releases Trailer For American Remake Of “Good Doctor”

 ABC Releases Trailer For American Remake Of “Good Doctor”

After hearing many rumors regarding the U.S. remake of the hit 2013 KBS drama “Good Doctor,” speculations has come to an end as ABC, the American television broadcasting station, announced the airing of the first pilot episode this September.

KBS America CEO Konshik Yu said that this drama will be a good opportunity to expand its horizons in entering Western market.

David Shore, the creator of the medical show “House,” will spearhead the project, along with Hollywood-based Korean actor Daniel Dae Kim (“Hawaii Five-0”), who will be the show’s executive producer.

The original series “Good Doctor” was about Park Shi-on (played by Joo Won), a doctor who became a genius pediatric surgeon, despite the fact that he is autistic and suffers from Savant syndrome. The drama shows how he struggled to prove himself capable of being a good doctor, despite having an atypical mental and emotional condition. More challenges awaited him as he fell in love with fellow doctor Cha Yoon-seo (played by Moon Chae Won) who didn’t leave his side and helped him in his struggles.

The new series stars Freddie Highmore, a Welsh actor who became famous for his roles as a child in films like “Finding Neverland.”

Are you excited for this show to air this fall? Check out the trailer below!

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