Former “Produce 101” Trainee Hyeongeun Leaves Girl Group Bulldock

 Former “Produce 101” Trainee Hyeongeun Leaves Girl Group Bulldock

Bulldok has lost one of their members!

Hyeongeun, famous for her appearance on the first season of “Produce 101,” has officially left her group Bulldok. Including Hyeongeun, four of the five members of Bulldok were participants on the popular show, gaining interest for their fierce rap skills and hip-hop vibe.

KCONIC Entertainment stated that a decision was made in April for her to leave the group, but they didn’t announce it until today. According to the label, she is leaving for health reasons.

The group debuted less than one year ago and will now continue as a four member group.

Some say that her departure may have more to do with her recent controversial statements about BTS rather than for health reasons. Hyeongeun came under fire after doing a live video chat with fans. When a fan asked about BTS, she said that she lost interest in them. She also didn’t refer to them with the title of “sunbae,” an important sign of respect in Korean culture for senior artists. She then went on to joke about them looking like they have athlete’s feet.

Although she later apologized for her comments, it seems a lot of damage was already done. You can read a translation of her comments below, along with the original video.

Regardless of her reasons for leaving, it’s sad to see Bulldok go through changes in such a short time since their debut.

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  • Sad artists can’t express opinions freely. I may not agree with Hyeongeun, but it shouldn’t be grounds for leaving a group which it seems it is.

    • Although some fans continue to say it was due to health reasons, her former label went on to apologize for her comments in their statement to announce she was leaving the group. So it definitely seems it has more to do with her reasons for leaving than some fans believe.

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