GOT7’s Mark Greets Fans With “Law Of The Jungle” Pre-Release Clip

 GOT7’s Mark Greets Fans With “Law Of The Jungle” Pre-Release Clip

GOT7‘s Mark is really going to the jungle!

On May 17th KST, Mark’s pre-release selfcam for “Law of the Jungle” was released. The clip begins with Jackson very seriously telling Mark to be careful of where he takes care of his business because if there are bugs around, they could go in. Mark laughingly asks, “Into my nostrils?” and Jackson, with a look of realization, restates, “They could go up your nostrils.”

Mark does a mini-self introduction before stating, “Everyone, I’m going to the jungle.”  In the background JB shouts, “Let’s go to the jungle,” and as Mark turns the camera, BamBam adds, “Mark hyung, come back after working hard!” A dancing Yugyeom throws in “Mark hyung needs to suffer a bit.” Mark asks his members if they are excited to send him off and straight away they answer, “Yes!”

Mark calls over Yugyeom and says, “You said I should suffer a bit.” Yugeom doesn’t miss a beat and answers in enthusiastic English, “That’s Right.” BamBam hilariously adds, “My type.” We see what you did there. *wink* EXO reference. *wink* BamBam notes to Mark that he will find life more precious after returning from the jungle.

Towards the end, Jackson and Jinyoung talk about their own “Law of the Jungle” experiences. Jackson reminds Mark to make sure to bring his ahgabong (official GOT7 lightsick) because there won’t be any light in the jungle. Mark asks for things he should be careful of, taking us back to the first scene regarding bathroom advice. Jinyoung says Mark will do well since he is “self-reliant,” and Jackson complains about Jinyoung using difficult words.  Jackson then gets a call from someone he addresses as Byung Man hyung, most likely permanent cast member Kim Byung Man of “Law of the Jungle,” but it actually turns out to be  MONSTA X‘s Jooheon!

Joking aside, the members have faith in Mark so he is sure to do well.

Good luck to Mark in New Zealand! Check out the video below!

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