BTS Shows Off Funny Side With Self-Made “Spine Breaker” MV

 BTS Shows Off Funny Side With Self-Made “Spine Breaker” MV

During the broadcast of “BTS GAYO Track. 15,” BTS was challenged to create a music video for their 2014 track “Spine Breaker”!

Unofficially released on V LIVE, BTS’s “Spine Breaker” brought laughter as the members served roles for its production with Jin being the stylist and dance director, Suga as the “food truck,” and Jimin as the “luggage guy,” to name a few. BigHit staff offered to grant one of their wishes if the popular male group earned at least 50th place for the music video on online music charts within a week. The members firmly believed in fans and took up the task!

As they filmed the music video, BTS kept entertainment in mind as the main focus for fans. The group creatively matched the lyrics as they pieced together the video as well. Released back in 2014 on their album School Luv Affair, “Spine Breaker” points out the societal problems of fortune and looks with the youth being overly concerned about trends.

“등골브레이커” (“Spine Breaker”) has already made Twitter trends in Korea after the broadcast and reached 47th place on Naver Music. The song needs 8 more spots to reach the top 50s on MelOn.

Have you seen “Spine Breaker”? What was the silliest but most lovable moment of the video for you? Watch the broadcast below (you can fast forward to minute 16:40 to see the MV).

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Media: BigHit Entertainment

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