8 Precious Kpop Idols Who Love Their Moms

 8 Precious Kpop Idols Who Love Their Moms

It’s Mother’s Day here in the U.S. and to celebrate, we want to share some of the sweetest and cutest moments between our favorite idols and their moms! While we want to thank our own mothers today (and every day) for their influence in our lives, we also want to take the chance to say thank you to these other incredible women as well! After all, our idols wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for these great ladies.

Take a look at these 8 adorable Kpop idols who absolutely love their sweet moms!

Jackson – GOT7

The sweetest Kpop idol and mom interaction ever, we all melted when Jackson was surprised with a visit from his mom on “Roommate.” After moving to Korea, Jackson couldn’t see his mom very much because she has health issues which make it difficult to travel. Thanks to JYP though, Jackson got the best Christmas present of all.

Lee Hi

There is something so great about every moms’ cooking. No matter what their skills in the kitchen are like, it’s always comforting to have your mom’s food. Even when blindfolded, Lee Hi was able to find her mom’s cooking by taste alone. Such a cute moment!

Bobby – iKON

Another precious idol who adores his mom, Bobby makes no secret of the fact how much he loves and misses his mother. Leaving them behind in the USA to pursue a career in music, Bobby had an emotional moment during this rap performance when he gave a shout out to his mother who was watching.

Jonghyun – SHINee

Jonghyun is a super sweet son who loves his mom with all his heart! One of the sweetest Kpop moments ever was when the young star was overwhelmed with feelings the day he debuted. Thinking about his mom the moment he got off stage, he turned to the camera and asked if he could say something to his parents. When he started talking about his mom though, he began crying and couldn’t stop. Click HERE to watch it.

Donghae and Eunhyuk – Super Junior

Donghae and Eunhyuk are adorable enough without adding their sweet moms into the mix, but these two idols also happen to be famous for adoring their mothers— making them even cuter! Both idols spend lots of time with their moms and are constantly photographed out and about with their special ladies. During their D&E tour, they performed their sweet song “Mother,” written by Donghae himself.

Seo In Guk

This famous singer and actor has never made it a secret how much he loves his mom! He even admitted that a large part of why he wanted to become successful was so that he could take care of her financially. The star grew up poor, and his mom had to collect cardboard and other trash to try to make some money. “My mother lived an extremely hard life. There were times my heart would ache. She would tell me she was okay, but as a son, I still felt uneasy.” After debut, he bought her a coffee shop and remodeled it so it would be “as pretty as her.” Awwww!

Nichkhun – 2PM

Another idol forced to leave his mom behind when he moved to Korea to become a singer, Nichkhun is totally a mama’s boy! Their cute relationship was never as evident as during her appearance with her son on the show “Mamma Mia.” You can watch the full episode by clicking HERE.

Seohyun – SNSD

During a talk about mothers, SNSD admitted that the word “mom” was off-limits for them. Several of them live far away from their moms, and others just couldn’t see their mothers due to busy schedules. So, they said they avoid the word because it makes them all cry! After this, Seohyun’s mom comes out and surprises her daughter with a sweet letter and hug. While the moment is precious, it’s even sadder to see the other members whose moms are far away. Remembering this, Seohyun’s mom says they are all her daughters and she goes to hug each one, effectively giving them that mother’s hug that they all needed.

While there are plenty of sweet moments between Kpop idols and their moms, these are some of our favorites! From sad moments to happy ones, cute ones to bittersweet ones, what are your favorite moments between Kpop idols and their moms? Let us know below!

We wish you all a happy mother’s day! Whether your mom is still here or passed on, close to you or living far away, we hope that you will take this day to appreciate all the special ladies in your life! 

Happy Mother’s Day!

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