WTK Interview: What Inspired The Creators Of The New Korean-American Drama “Good Face”

 WTK Interview: What Inspired The Creators Of The New Korean-American Drama “Good Face”

Get ready, K-culture fans! A brand new series is coming your way that deals with the intricacies of the Korean-American community!

On May 5th, New Form, an entertainment studio that empowers creators and audiences to produce original narratives that transcend traditional categories, announced the release of seven new, original pilots from its most recent Incubator Series, Incubator “Gold Mine.”

The seven pilots have either been created by or feature women in lead roles and tell unique stories while dealing with important issues such as undocumented immigrants, interracial dating, and female empowerment.

New Form is making new strides in the world of scripted entertainment and among the newly released pilots, the show “Good Face” definitely has us ready to watch more.

“Good Face” focuses on the theme of interracial dating as told through the story of a young doctor’s assistant named Clara (played by Korean-American Alice Lee). She has a white boyfriend, a fact that she has kept secret from her strict, traditional parents who still live in Korea.

For co-creator Lina Suh, it was hard to readjust to life back in South Korea after getting a taste of Western culture at a young age. Despite settling back into her life there, she found herself living in New York when she became an adult. “Good Face” highlights many of the challenges that Lina, and many other Korean-Americans, face on a day-to-day basis.

WTK got the chance to interview Lina Suh and fellow creator Helen Krieger to get an in-depth look at the new show. Check it out below!

Kpop music has helped skyrocket the interest of Koreans and Korean Culture. How has it influenced the making of “Good Face”?

Lina: Growing up I watched Kpop, but now I rely on my sister to let me know who’s poplar and what new song/albums are out. Sometimes I listen to Kpop to help get started and going.

There’s been a lot of buzz about South Korea when it comes to Kpop, politics and the beauty industry. What stereotypes do you hope to squash in this show?

Lina & Helen: Even [the lead character] Clara has some misconceptions about her coworkers and boss, and they end up being like her second family… while she’s away from hers. It’s a new take on how different cultures function together. I feel that this show will give people a view that Koreans and Korean-Americans have some of the same pressures and challenges

The show also touches on a very relatable challenge that many Korean-Americans face— dating pressure! How do you plan on highlighting the struggles of the interracial relationship between Clara and Ashton?

Lina & Helen: In the show, we do plan to share more about the relationship between Clara and Ashton, giving a better view of Ashton’s background and upbringing and showing how it compares to Clara’s [background]. Many of the difficulties she faces are [due to] trying to appease both ends of her life and how she fears disappointing both Ashton and her family.

What can viewers who are unfamiliar with Korean culture expect from “Good Face”?

Lina: We don’t want to over-explain Korean culture, but we do want to share the differences in a way that people can follow along. I feel the scenes will come through universally.

Helen: I think it will be a fun thing to play with, showing how certain differences play out. For example, in the pilot, when Clara meets William, she was on the fence [about whether she should] bow or shake his hand since he’s biracial. Little eccentricities like that help share some of the cultural differences.

Lately, more and more Asians are being featured in mainstream media. How do you plan on setting “Good Face” apart?

Lina: I think that’s fantastic, [but] our show has more of an indie, drama vibe. There is lots of diversity and gives viewers a different take on how it all flows together.

The pilot for “Good Face” is available for viewing on YouTube and can be watched below. You can also click HERE to open it in a new window! Apart from Alice Lee, you will also see some familiar faces, such as Sean Dulake— star of the VIKI Original Series “Dramaworld.”

Check it out now! What do you think of the new show? Are you looking forward to seeing the rest of Clara and Ashton’s adventure?

Thank you to New Form Digital for allowing us the interview with the creators of “Good Face.” For more information on this company and project, visit their official Facebook by clicking HERE.

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