Top 10 Maknaes Who Transform From Adorable To Sexy

 Top 10 Maknaes Who Transform From Adorable To Sexy

The maknae is the youngest member in every Kpop group! They’re spunky, cute, and adorable… or are they? If you’ve been into Kpop for a while, you’ll have noticed that the innocent maknae is often not that innocent at all! Here, we have a list of the top ten maknaes that can transform in the blink of an eye from sweet and innocent to stunningly sexy!

1) Dino – Seventeen

When he debuted, Dino was just Jeonghan’s baby, but now Carats and Kpop fans alike are noticing the difference a little extra age can make. Older Carats don’t know what to do with him, and his sexy dancing doesn’t help either. He’s the poster-child for a maknae who can go from cute to hot.

2) Kyuhyun – SuperJunior

Don’t let that baby face fool you, Kyuhyun has been the saucy maknae for quite a while now. With an adorable smile, it’s easy to believe he’s quiet and sweet. But the reality is, Kyuhyun can turn on the sexy charm instantly. Now that he’s leaving for the army soon, be prepared for his sexiness to show in uniform.

3) Seohyun – SNSD

Probably the biggest shock for any Sone was to see this baby not be a baby anymore. From being the shy bookworm on “We Got Married” to the sexy soloist who does splits and hip swings, Seohyun is the maknae with no chill. Not only is she super smart (brains are sexy), but she’s also fun loving and a jokester. No wonder it’s easy for her to go from squishy to sexy.

4) Jungkook – BTS

You can’t have a maknae list and not include Jungkook. His fear of girls and innocent, shy-boy persona can fool even the diehard ARMYs. Being a trickster also plays into how he can instantly go from being sweet to sassy. He knows he’s an oppa— not only to dongsaengs, but to noonas as well.

5) Jungshin – CNBLUE

Quiet and composed, Jungshin exudes the sweet, tenderhearted guy every girl wants as their best friend. But really, Jungshin is more than that! Having been a model and an actor, this bassist exudes a subtle sexiness that’s hard to overlook. His chilled ways just makes him even more attractive. When he’s not being precious with his pup, he’s slapping the bass and stealing our hearts.


Lisa may look cute and spunky, but she made it clear that she doesn’t need a boy— she needs a man! It’s easy to think she’s a darling with those puffy cheeks and giggly smiles, but put the girl on stage and she’ll show you her mad rap skills and no-nonsense attitude.

7) Taemin – SHINee

Probably the biggest shock to us all was when Taemin went solo and gave us all a heart attack with his fierceness. That cute, pop-loving boy from SHINee became rock and roll, slap-your-face fine. Taemin’s dancing and killer looks forever changed the way Shawols looked at him. No one called him baby after that, it was more like babe!

8) Zelo – B.A.P

For a guy who started out his career by pretending to be an adorable bunny robot who ran out of battery whenever he got camera shy, this maknae has certainly done a 180! Now known as one of the sexiest and fiercest of his group, Zelo can still turn on that cute charm whenever he wants. Onstage, however, he lets his full sexiness shine!

9) Chanmi – AOA

It’s hard to stay just adorable in a group like AOA, but Chanmi has kept up her cuteness. Yet, every now and then she slips up and shows us a charming sexiness that’s both vulnerable and striking. In recent MVs her classy sexiness shows and gives all of Elvis wanting more.

10) Yugyeom – GOT7

Being a notorious trickster, Yugyeom is the epitome of cute to hot. He is the tall, loveable maknae that talks back to the hyungs, grinds on stage, and wins dance competitions. Sly with his aegyo and powerful with his stunning visuals, Yugyeom can go from preciousness to sexiness in less than a second.

Who are some of your favorite maknaes? Are there any adorably sexy maknaes we missed on this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

Kim (Paradoxicalsuds) is a writer for What the Kpop and has been a devoted K-Pop fan for almost ten years. An avid SNSD, GOT7, FTIsland, and AOA fan, Kim has been in love with K-Pop since the original debut of TVXQ. While she watches new MVs or K-Dramas on her laptop, Kim enjoys tea, begging for affection from her cat, making jewelry, and writing fiction. 

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  • The pic of Chanmi on the right is not her but of Yuna

    • Thank you for the catch, and sorry for the mistake! We just updated it to relfect the correct picture! Thank you!

  • Sehun must be on the list too!!!

    • For sure! He was an amazing transition!

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