Red Velvet Announces Official Fandom Name

 Red Velvet Announces Official Fandom Name

Just in time for their 1000th day anniversary since debut, Red Velvet has announced the official name of their fandom.

On April 26th, the lovely girl group from SMTOWN uploaded a video to their Instagram account, thanking fans for their patience and saying they had taken a lot of time to decide on a name, because they wanted the name to be perfect and special. After thinking about everything, they decided to name their fandom “ReVeluv,” a name meant to convey that “Red Velvet Love,” while also making a play on words for “Level Up.”

Many fans had already made up the word “ReVelUp” and used it for their fan bases, subbing projects, and more. So, it looks like Red Velvet took that into consideration and just changed it slightly to make it even more special!

Watch the Instagram video below! Congratulations to Red Velvet and Reveluv on their 1,000 days together!


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