New Drama “My Secret Romance” Melts Hearts With First Episode

 New Drama “My Secret Romance” Melts Hearts With First Episode

On April 17, 2017, Orion Cinema Network (OCN) released its first-ever romance drama series! The show is sure to deliver lots of laughter and romance throughout its 13 episodes!

Sung Hoon, who starred in “Oh My Venus” and “Five Enough,” and Song Ji-Eun, member of the Kpop group Secret, star in this adorable, romantic comedy. The program is directed by Kang Cheol Woo, who directed “One Percent of Something” (2016), and is written by Kim Ha-na.

The story is about a second generation chaebol, Cha Jin Wook, whose family owns a large nutrition company. Cha Jin Wook, who only thinks of love as short-term perception, happens to meet Lee Yoo Mi, who has never had a boyfriend, at the Jeju Island Resort. They quickly fall for each other and unexpectedly spend the night together. However, Yoo Mi disappears and leaves Ji Wook to wake up by himself, feeling alone and confused.

Three years later, Jin Wook has become the CEO of his family’s company. As fate would have it, the company’s cafeteria hires a new nutritionist— Lee Yoo Mi herself. The two meet for the first time since their one-night stand and pretend they don’t recognize each other.

Until when can they continue to ignore each other and pretend like nothing happened? Can their one-night love spark again and make each other admit that the love they had before was real? Or will they just accept the current state of things and hide their “Secret Romance” until the end?

You can watch “My Secret Romance” on Dramafever or by clicking HERE.

Check out the teaser below! What do you think of this new drama so far?

ging1030 is a multi-fandom fan of Kpop since 2010. She enjoys watching Asian dramas and variety shows like “Running Man.” She is an avid fan of Song triplets and Song Joong Ki.  For her, Kdrama is life. They are her inspirations in life so she can live on and do what her heart desires!

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