WATCH: Boys24 Unit Black Drops Debut Music Video

 WATCH: Boys24 Unit Black Drops Debut Music Video

Those of you who have been waiting for the next Boys24 comeback don’t have to wait any longer!  On April 11th, CJENMMUSIC posted the first song to be promoted by Unit Black, called “Steal Your Heart.”

Boys24 has twenty-seven members in total, but release songs in smaller “promotional groups.” Despite being used as a promotion for the Boys24 survival show, their first song, “Rising Star,” has shown immense popularity as it boasts over a million views on YouTube. It’s been five months since Unit Yellow (a unit from the original survival show) released their first, post-show song, called “E.”

The members of Unit Black became the first, official, promotional group chosen through means of the “BOYS24 Re:born – 1st Semi-Final Concert,” with more units to follow in a similar manner. Originally, there were nine members of Unit Black, but one was dropped from current promotions due to a previous scandal.

This techno-influenced track is more serene than “Rising Star” and “E,” but definitely something to which you can still jam! Many fans have already raved over the incredibly smooth and detail-oriented choreography in the music video.

So which is your favorite unit so far? Who do you hope to see in future units? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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