WATCH: EXID Releases New Music Video “Night Rather Than Day”

 WATCH: EXID Releases New Music Video “Night Rather Than Day”

It’s been almost nine months since EXID released L.I.E., but they have just returned with their newest comeback! After an Mnet Live release presentation on Youtube, they dropped the music video for “낮보다는 밤 (Night Rather Than Day)” on April 10th.

In December of last year, Banana Culture dropped the news that member Solji has hyperthyroidism and would be taking time off to work on her health. Soon after, Solji took to social media and reassured fans she would do her best to recover and rejoin her group again as soon as possible. This is the first and only comeback so far (other than Chinese promotions of previous songs) with only four members. They revealed the meaning behind their album name, Eclipse, was due to the absence of one member, and that they would return as a “full moon” soon.

“Night Rather Than Day” is pumped with a chill, retro-jazz beat that is different from their previous title tracks. The video boasts a colorful aesthetic surrounded in rural sets like a run-down subway and grocery shop. Even their costumes and makeup are simple, but they’re colorful enough to match the concept.

Definitely check out the new song and video below, then tell us what you think!

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Media: Banana Culture, Mnet

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