“K-POP STAR” Officially Comes To An End + Crowns Winner Of Final Season

 “K-POP STAR” Officially Comes To An End + Crowns Winner Of Final Season

After six seasons, the popular show “K-POP STAR” has officially come to an end!

On April 9th, the SBS show aired its final episode, bringing the show to an end after six successful seasons. The show discovered many incredible stars during its run, including Akdong MusicianBernard Park, Sam Kim, Lee Hi, and Park Jimin of 15&.

For the final season, the show decided to give everyone “one last chance” to become a Kpop star. The format brought out a lot of hopeful stars, including the finalists— female group Kwins (pronounced Queens) and boy duo Boyfriend.

The two groups went head to head during the finale of the show, with one group going on to be crowned the winner of the final season of K-POP STAR

Read on for their final performances and spoilers on who became the ultimate winner!

After Kwins performed the song “Troublemaker,” they were also required to perform “Thriller,” as requested by the judges. They earned a total of 564 points between the two songs (289 and 275, respectively).

Boyfriend went on to perform “Crooked” by G-Dragon, earning 285 points. However, when they performed “Swing Baby,” the song requested by the judges, they received a nearly-perfect score of 297 points, 100 of those points coming from YG founder, Yang Hyun Suk.

This meant the young teens earned a total of 582 points, leading the boys to beat Kwins by a mere 18 points and earning them the title of K-POP STAR’s Final Winner!

Were you surprised at who was crowned winner? What did you think of the finalists?

Congratulations to Boyfriend on their win! We look forward to seeing their debut soon!

Media: SBS

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