Jessi Gives It Her All For Final “Break Out” Concert In Los Angeles

 Jessi Gives It Her All For Final “Break Out” Concert In Los Angeles

For the last stop on her “Break Out” U.S. Tour, Jessi gave fans the experience of their lives at her concert in Los Angeles on March 25th.

As a surprise for Jebbies, Jessi gave a Q&A session that not only showed her poise as an artist, but also her admirable personality. At the beginning of the session, she asked for no perverted questions, inciting chuckles from the audience.

Amounting to roughly 15 questions and requests, Jessi shared her struggles of being accepted in Korea as an artist who goes against the standards of today’s society. After being the first runner-up for “Unpretty Rapstar,” she showed just how much she has grown and made it through thick and thin. She hopes to become an actress, work with producer ChaCha of AOMG, and to become naturally big in America and not make an official debut. Jessi feels timing is important to this aspect of her career.

Another fan in the audience asked for advice on how to become a singer, and Jessi kept to her motto of being true to yourself and doing whatever you want and the music you want. Jessi emphasized timing as being crucial as an artist, adding hints about her new album as something that needed time as well.

Despite her party-girl image, Jessi does not drink and has quite the genuine heart as well. A female fan handed her a keychain and requested for a hug— which Jessi gave willingly after coming down from the stage. Jessi asked why she was nervous and said she was starting to be nervous also, inducing awwws from fans around her.

After the Q&A session, two opening acts were given by David Chung and Rekstizzy, pumping up the audience even before Jessi’s performance. When it was time for Jessi to come out, she started with a little medley, followed by “Don’t Make Me Cry,” “Unpretty Dreams,” and “I Want To Be Me,” demonstrating that her rapping and singing abilities were up to par. “I Want To Be Me” was particularly special to Jessi as she described her story within the lyrics. 

Jessi next performed “Raise Your Heels,” “I’m Good,” and “Life Is Good” and excited the crowd even further. With her skills as a rapper and judge on the show “High School Rapper,” she did not disappoint! The story behind “I’m Good” and “Life Is Good” was also mentioned—”I’m Good” was changed two days before it was first revealed to the public and actually turned out well, despite the sudden change. “Life Is Good” was a song Jessi released when her life was also not going well, contrary to the song’s title, something that really stuck with the audience that night.

The concert was about to come to an end as Jessi finished “Crazy Man,” but she went on to perform with a fan who volunteered to be her background dancer— the same fan she took a photo with as a request. With “Ssenunni” as her last song, the audience shouted for an encore, showing the energy and loyalty fans had for Jessi.

From taking photos with fans, giving birthday shoutouts and hugs, as well as performing with her whole heart, Jessi’s love for her fans and ability as a great entertainer made the night enjoyable for new and old fans alike.

Check out some of WTK’s exclusive pictures below of the concert in L.A. (click on any image to enlarge). Did you have the chance to see Jessi on her tour in the States?

Thank you to Platinum K Shows and WOOZOO NYC for allowing WTK access to the event as media!

Sarah (sapphir3bluu) is a writer for WTK from Las Vegas and fond of cats, k-pop, and singing. She enjoys learning new languages and is manager of Super Junior fanbase, WorldwideELFs, but has also done subbing work for EXO. If you don’t find her being slowly consumed by BTS, GOT7, NCT, and ASTRO, she is aspiring to go to graduate school and work in the health care field.

Photos: Sarah Y (sapphir3bluu) for WTK

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