WTK REVIEW: Day 2 Of KCON Mexico Draws To Highly Successful End

 WTK REVIEW: Day 2 Of KCON Mexico Draws To Highly Successful End

Day two of KCON Mexico was a lot of fun since there were even more activities in the convention area on this day! There were drama contests, conferences with YouTubers, workshops to learn choreography, Korean food, makeup,and even the sale of official goods— which all sold out in minutes! The atmosphere was amazing, and all the fans were very enthusiastic.

When the time came for the concert, the guys from ASTRO opened the concert, and the excitement of the fans was contagious! The group presented their hits “Hide & Seek,” “Confession,” and “Breathless.” It was a very nice stage overall. In addition ASTRO even sang a song in Spanish— the famous hit “La Bamba”— exciting everyone!

The next group to appear in an explosive way was MONSTA X, impressing all the fans who had no chance to see them before. They captivated the audience with their performance of hits such as “엑스 엑스,” “Fighter,” “침입 침입,” and “HERO.”

The following group was RED VELVET, and there were many fans of these girls present! Performances of “Russian Roulette,” “Rookie,” and “Dumb Dumb” got the crowd dancing due to the great atmosphere. The girls of RED VELVET were also very excited to see their Mexican fans for the first time.

There were two special moments in the event— one of which was when the musician Jun Curry played the song “Spring Day” by BTS, captivating the audience. The second special moment was when Ki Hyun from the group MONSTA X sang the song “Beautiful” from the drama “Goblin,” even causing many fans cry as images of the drama were projected onscreen, making the presentation even more special.

In addition to these special moments, each group from Day 1 and Day 2 had an activity with the fans known as the “Piñata Time,” which included gifts such as photo ops, throwing kisses to fans, hugs, and more, making for fun moments for fans and artists alike.

Eric Nam returned to be the MC of the second day and performed two songs, including his successful “Can’t Help Myself.” Eric Nam won many more fans thanks to his enthusiasm and energy-filled stage.

The closing was carried out by INFINITE H, who filled the event with incredible energy, presenting songs like “Pretty,” “Special Girl” “Without You,” “Sorry,” and “I’m Busy.” Overall, the energy of these guys was so impressive, and the whole public ended up loving them!


The closing of KCON Mexico was very emotional as all the groups came together to say “hasta luego” to all the Mexican fans. But there was no reason to be sad, according to Eric Nam, since KCON Mexico will be held next year as well, encouraging all the fans who were already somewhat sad about the close of the event.

We thank Sat Marketing and KCON Mexico for having held the event in Mexico and for allowing WTK access to the event as media. We are sure next year will be even greater!

Did you attend KCON Mexico? What did you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

Media: Dan Z for WTK

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