GOT7 Releases “Never Ever” Choreography MV

 GOT7 Releases “Never Ever” Choreography MV

After five days of being released, GOT7‘s newest comeback MV, “Never Ever,” has reached over 10 million views! This is the 3rd leg of their Flight Log trilogy— the first release being “Fly,” second being “Hard Carry,” and their latest “Never Ever.”

On March 17th,  JYP released the amazing choreography music video for their new song!

While beautifully produced, the original MV follows an amazing story with Flight Log, but something seems to be missing. With this new choreography MV, we finally get a taste of all the hard work put into the production of the song!

The new video showcases the same white and dark background rooms that were in the original, with fast and intricate choreography deserving of appreciation! Moreover, the slow popping and locking, performed in contrast to the electronic beats of the chorus, is mesmerizing to the eye.

Fans watching it get to see a whole new perspective on the song, as well as choreography that tells a story of its own!

It is currently only available on V Live! Check out the full video:

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Media: V Live, JYP Entertainment

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