NCT Dream Releases New Song For FIFA U-20 World Cup

 NCT Dream Releases New Song For FIFA U-20 World Cup

FIFA U-20, the world youth championship, is the largest organization for soccer for males under the age of 20! This event was officially founded 40 years ago, and this year’s world cup is to be held in South Korea!

For a organization based on the skills of younger men, what better group to perform for it than SM’s maknae group, NCT Dream! NCT Dream is a unit from SM Entertainment‘s group NCT.  NCT stands for Neo Cultural Technology, and plays on the idea of many units under one Kpop group. This unit is considered unique by the fact the ages of all the members are very young!

For the “official draw” ceremony of the FIFA U-20, the group performed a new track as the official song of the FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea Republic 2017! After a successful second mini-album, the boys of NCT Dream were able to surprise fans again with such an amazing and mature song. Jaemin, a member who did not perform in their last promotions due to injury, still seems to not be well enough to perform as he did not participate in the performance of the new track.

Their new song, entitled “Trigger The Fever,” is definitely an energetic song that fits the occasion! This is also the theme of the world cup event. The mature concept gave a new look to NCT Dream as they perform their new catchy track.

Haven’t seen the performance yet? Check it out below!

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