WATCH: BTOB Brings Laughter To Variety Show With Pepero Game And More

 WATCH: BTOB Brings Laughter To Variety Show With Pepero Game And More

Once again, BTOB shows why they’re always a variety favorite!

On the most recent episode of the variety show “New Yang Nam Show,” BTOB made an appearance as the guests and brought lots of laughter to the studio with their antics. Throughout the episode, the cast and crew could barely contain their laughter as the 4D idols showed off their close relationship and goofy antics.

During a special performance of their recent hit “I’ll Be Your Man,” BTOB was given microphones and told to sing the song live while keeping a straight face no matter what. It turns out that some of the microphones were normal, while others had voice changing abilities. Hilarity ensued as they each opened their mouths to sing and some of the members find themselves singing super off-key, in a chipmunk voice, or super low.

One of the funniest moments of the show came with Peniel was forced to do the “Pepero Game” with some of his members. Perhaps due to being born and raised in Chicago, the shy cutie pie seems a bit more nervous to get up close and personal with his Korean band mates. Capitalizing on this fact, they go overboard to embarrass him and bring laughter to the hosts.

Check out the two videos below! Did you watch BTOB on this current episode? Who else do you want to see guest on this funny variety show?

Media: Mnet

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