Take A Behind-The-Scenes Look At “Boys Over Flowers: The Musical”

 Take A Behind-The-Scenes Look At “Boys Over Flowers: The Musical”

Almost Paradise! “Boys Over Flowers: The Musical” is currently playing in Korea, and we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at the popular show!

At the beginning of February, it was announced that Changsub from BTOB, Ken from VIXX, and Kim Ji Hwi would be playing the role of Tsukasa— known in the Korean version as the infamous and arrogant chaebol heir, Goo Jun Pyo.

Super Junior‘s Sungmin and actor Jung Hwi were cast in the role of Rui, the character known in the Korean drama as the kind and cool, Yoon Ji Hoo.

Min from Miss A and singer J-Min are playing the main female lead named Tsukushi, otherwise known in the Korean drama as the determined and fearless Geum Jan Di.

The musical show started on February 24th and will be performed until May 7th.

Recently on VIXX’s V Live channel, they released a musical press call. This video showcased some of the behind-the-scenes moments of the press conference, various musical numbers, and some of the infamous scenes from the drama, as well as many other moments! The video is a great way for fans to see parts of the musical, even if they are not able to attend the live show themselves.

Check out these pictures from the musical below, as well as the broadcast with behind-the-scenes footage of the stage musical.

Which Kpop idol are you most excited about seeing in this play? What other Korean drama would you like to see made into a musical? Let us know in the comments below!

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Media: V Live

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