Rapper Wale And BTS’s Rap Monster Meet Up In Seoul

 Rapper Wale And BTS’s Rap Monster Meet Up In Seoul

It looks like a collaboration is finally in the works!

On March 4th KST, American rapper Wale and BTS leader Rap Monster met up during Wale’s trip to Seoul. A few weeks ago, a fan asked Wale when they would finally collaborate, and he answered that he would be heading to Seoul soon to meet with “the guys.” Just a few days ago, that moment come to fruition when Wale posted on Instagram and Twitter about meeting Rap Monster.

On the post on Instagram, he stated, “Its late af here.. linking wit my guy Namjoon (Rap Monster’s real name) in a few.” He later tweeted a picture of himself and the BTS idol, along with the caption, “THX Venny! (referring to a fan who helped bring Rap Monster to his attention.) I hope MORE of my fans help connect me with dope artist on this campaign. BIG Thank u 2 4embracing .”

Wale was in Korea for a tour and has since returned to the USA, but it looks like we can expect that collaboration to finally get started!

Check out his posts below.

Media: @Wale

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