GOT7 Reaches 100 Million Views On “Just Right” MV

 GOT7 Reaches 100 Million Views On “Just Right” MV

JYP Entertainment‘s rising boy group, GOT7, has accomplished yet another great achievement this year!

As of today, the group becomes the first JYP boy group to have a music video hit 100 million views on YouTubeThe music video to hit this amazing goal was none other than their hit song “Just Right.”

The music video has been steadily gaining views since the beginning of the year due to a project started by their fans. The goal was to get the MV to 100 million views before the group’s comeback on March 13th. Fans all around the world rallied to have mass streaming parties and took to social media to keep each other motivated for viewing. This caught the attention of other fandoms who, in return, stopped in on the video to show their support. This just goes to show how unifying Kpop can be!


Congratulations to the boys and their fans on this accomplishment which only a few groups in Kpop can claim! To show their thanks, even GOT7 posted about it on their SNS and said, “Thank you I GOT7! You’re the best!”

Which video do you think will hit 100 million next? And are you excited for GOT7’s new comeback?

You can check out their colorful MV below.

LizzySKpop is a WTK writer who stans GOT7 about all things in life and loves to try Korean beauty products. She also enjoys the music of BTS, BIGBANG and many more. Although she is pretty new to the Kpop world, she is already a hardcore fan and finds more groups every day to love. No matter what though, she will always love GOT7 the most and constantly relives the moment when she was able to see them up close and personal at a hi-touch event. She is proud aunt that has spread the love of Kpop to her nieces as well. 

Media: JYP Entertainment

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