SJ Label Speaks Out About Fire Controversy Involving Kyuhyun

 SJ Label Speaks Out About Fire Controversy Involving Kyuhyun

SJ Label has spoken out to clarify the truth behind the recent fire controversy involving Kyuhyun.

The company, a sub-label of SM Entertainment solely dedicated to promoting Super Junior, released a statement to tell the truth about what happened. When Kyuhyun was recently on tour and staying at his hotel with staff, a fire broke out in the hotel. Due to fans’ misunderstanding of the seemingly playful SNS posts of Kyuhyun’s staff and managers after the evacuation, as well as Korean media and major Kpop websites falsely reporting that the staff had left Kyuhyun alone in the hotel and unaware of the fire, a huge controversy broke out with accusations flying everywhere.

Although both the manager and Kyuhyun spoke up to clarify the issue, the situation grew, forcing SJ Label to finally speak out and clear up what really happened— posting the statement on Kyuhyun’s official SMTOWN website. The full English translation below is available courtesy of Allkpop:

Hello, this is SJ Label.

We apologize for causing concerns about the fire incident at the hotel on the day of Kyuhyun’s Taiwan concert. We also ask for understanding on our delayed announcement as we were carrying out Kyuhyun’s concert as scheduled. As Kyuhyun stated on his Twitter, Kyuhyun and his manager, security, and several concert staff members were having a meeting about the concert during the fire. When they tried to evacuate, the fire was already put down and it was best to remain in the room instead of exiting through the smoky stairway.

The staff members in Kyuhyun’s room waited together with him for about 2 hours and returned to their rooms after Kyuhyun fell asleep. However, remaining smoke seeped through Kyuhyun’s room and he came to a situation where he had to switch rooms.

As a result, the claim spreading across SNS stating that the manager and staff members left Kyuhyun in his room while they evacuated is completely not true.

However, the manager, security, and others who were in Kyuhyun’s room for a meeting shared about the fire incident on their SNS accounts while waiting. One manager left a comment under the post and that caused misunderstandings.

Even though SNS is a personal space and the post was made after the situation settled down, we apologize for growing concerns and misunderstandings with playful expressions on SNS. We are going to take strict measures against the concert staff and managers to make sure that such incident does not occur again.

Currently, Kyuhyun’s health condition is fairly well. His throat is not in good condition due to the recent tour but he’s trying his best to take care of his condition in order to normally carry out his set schedule.

We will work even harder and give support so Kyuhyun can promote with safe and best condition from now on.”

Hopefully this will be the end of the controversy and people will accept the truth about what happened, allowing the controversy to die down.

The most important thing is that Kyuhyun and his managers and staff are all safe! We hope the Super Junior singer continues to get better and that his voice will be okay with some rest and treatment. You can see the original statement below.

Get well soon, Kyuhyun!


Media: SMTOWN, SJ Label
Translation: Allkpop

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