Luhan Wants To “Roleplay” In His Latest Performance MV

 Luhan Wants To “Roleplay” In His Latest Performance MV

Former EXO member Luhan has dropped another music video, and this time, he is looking sexier than ever!

Did anyone know Luhan could rap ? We sure didn’t, but this man showed off his skills in the latest performance video for “Roleplay.” He also has some swift moves that will make your jaw drop.

Since leaving EXO, this famous “deer-like” beauty has gone on to become one of the most in-demand stars in China. Not only has he become a big pop star, but he has also become a respected actor as well, even co-starring with Matt Damon in the big production film “The Great Wall.”

Watch Luhan bust a few moves in his latest music video as he tells you to “Roleplay.” What do you think of his new MV and song?

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