Two Idol Contestants Revealed For “Produce 101: Season Two”

 Two Idol Contestants Revealed For “Produce 101: Season Two”

Filming for the second season of “Produce 101” has officially started!

“Produce 101” originally started as a large project that the public “produces.” In the original first season, 101 female trainees were pooled together from 46 agencies to compete in the show! From the finalists, the girl group I.O.I was created! After the contract for I.O.I came to the end after 1 year, Mnet announced a Season 2 for “Produce 101,” but this time it will be showcasing male trainees!

Because the filming for the show has just started, that means more news will soon be released about which male idols and trainees are going to be involved in the show! Although many of you already know an unnamed member from the idol group NU’EST will somehow take part in the show, did you know about these other male artists? Check it out!

Samuel Kim/Punch (1PUNCH)

Fifteen-year-old Samuel Kim from Los Angeles was announced to be joining Season 2 of “Produce 101.” Many fans may be familiar with Samuel from his trainee days at Pledis during the pre-debut days with Seventeen! Since his time at Pledis, Samuel went on to become part of the duo 1PUNCH, and I am sure we can all say that Samuel has grown both physically and musically since then! Fans better keep a watchful eye on him during the show!


Kid Monster/Noh Taehyun (HOTSHOT)

Twenty-four years old, Kid Monster is from Seoul and is the main dancer of HOTSHOT. However, that is definitely not all there is to him! He has also been in some amazing dance groups in Seoul— one of those being the Hip-Hop dance crew “Monster Woo Fam.” Hopefully, Kid Monster will bring his great dance and vocal skills to the show for all to see!

Although an exact date has not been released for when Season 2 will air, we are anticipating an amazing line up. We hope all the male trainees and idols involved will enjoy the experience the show gives them and that it will prove to open many doors for them, just as the first season did for I.O.I and many other contestants!

Are you excited about seeing Samuel and Kid Monster on “Produce 101”? Who else would you like to see participate? Let us know in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, check out the official trailer for “Produce 101: Season 2” below!

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