Taeyeon Becomes First Female Soloist In Kpop To Have MV Reach 100 Million Views

Congratulations to Taeyeon! Her video “I,” featuring Verbal Jint, has reached over 100 million views on YouTube!

The amazing feat made Taeyeon the first female solo artist in Kpop to reach this many views. Upon hearing the news, the SMTOWN singer shared a picture on her Instagram, thanking fans for making the achievement possible. She wrote in the caption, “YouTube 100 million views 👍🏻💜 #OurIisthebest #I” (“Our I” is a play on the Korean phrase that means “our fans”).

Check out her adorable post below. If you have never watched the amazing track before, make sure to check it out as well. Upon release, the song become a huge hit for the famous SNSD star.

Congratulations on reaching this amazing number of views!

유투브 1억뷰라니 👍🏻💜 #우리I최고 #i

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  1. This is false. Hyuna is the first soloist to reach 100 million views in Youtube.


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