B.A.P Releases Puzzling New Teaser Image

 B.A.P Releases Puzzling New Teaser Image

B.A.P has released another new teaser image, and this one has left most fans scratching their heads.

On February 14th KST, TS Entertainment uploaded the image to their social media account, along with the phrases “#FF0000” and “BAP_20170307.” The image itself is a “puzzling” mystery, showing a bed, a painting, a calendar and more.

Upon release, many fans began to speculate about the meaning of the image, pointing out possibilities connected to the painting in the image and even the date on the calendar. One thing seems certain however, and that’s the fact that “FF0000” is the HTML code for bright red. Considering that their last album was entitled Noir (French for “black”), it seems pretty obvious that the color red definitely plays an important part in this teaser image.

In addition to the current teaser image, a previous teaser was also released with the words “#FF0000” and a code signifying “For Noir” in the background. A teaser video was also released as well, showing the ending of their previous MV “Skyfall,” before suddenly going blank like a television that has been turned off.

Check out all the teaser below! What do you think so far?

According to the date on the teasers, the B.A.P fandom should be on the lookout on March 7th for things to finally drop! Who’s excited?

Media: TS Entertainment

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