Pledis Entertainment Releases Profile Images For New Girl Group “PRISTIN”

Pledis Entertainment‘s newest girl group is getting ready for their debut!

PRISTIN (formerly known as Pledis Girlz) is a new, ten-member group from the same label that houses SEVENTEEN and After School. With SEVENTEEN’s massive success after their debut, expectations are high for the company’s newest girl group, especially due to the fact that two of the members were part of the group I.O.I. 

In anticipation of their debut, the company has released profile pictures for five of the ten members. Although most of the members already have a following due to pre-debut covers and releases, three of the members are going by new names.

The members who had their profiles released so far are: Nayoung, Roa (Kim Minkyung), Yuha (Kang Kyungwon), Eunwoo, and Rena (Kang Yebin).

Check out the images below, and stay tuned for the rest of the profile images that will be released soon!

Media: Pledis Entertainment

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