Wonder Girls Release Final Track “Draw Me” Before Disbanding

Wonder Girls have given a final gift to fans before disbanding.

On February 10th at midnight KST, the iconic Kpop group released their final track on digital music sites. The song, entitled “Draw Me,” shares the bittersweet feelings as you look back on a previous love. “Draw me the days that were young and innocent,” it states. “Even if it’s just sometimes… draw me and miss me just a little bit.” The sad lyrics are also the perfect farewell to fans, asking them to remember the sweet days they spent with the group.

Check out the cover art for the song below. Although there is no official video available, fans have quickly uploaded the song to YouTube and shared the lyrics with the Kpop community.

Wonder Girls debuted on February 10th, 2007, making today their 10th anniversary and sadly, the date of their last musical release.

We wish all of the members the best of luck as they go their own ways! Thank you for many years of classic, amazing Kpop songs.

Media: JYP Entertainment

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